3 Tips on Cleansing your Emails

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Their has been countless times where i’ve felt a sting of anxiety when I glancing at my phone, seeing that little read bubble incasing an unsettling number of unread emails. A large amount of those alluding emails were SPAM, newsletters, and siren calls of sale promos I had no business clicking * even though I anyways did*. Those layered unread messages can be a huge road block when it comes to responding to time sensitive emails  I’m sure you’re “over” those stressful notifications, digging through layers of unwanted emails and possibly missing out on opportunities try out these 3 simple steps that will get your emails back on track and help you stick to our new ADULTLIKE lifestyle.

1.) Unsubscribe & Delete

This is an easy step but if your emails backed up it’s going to take you a bit of time to pillage through them but trust me when I say it’s worth it. So get a comfortable seat, slide into your email account with a glass of wine in hand, and start scoring through. Lets start by bringing up all of the emails you’ve received as promos by various brands/stores. By scrolling to the the bottom of the email, simply click the Unsubscribe button. You SHOULD only have to do this once per brand/company email. Once you have successfully unsubscribed put the company/senders name in your email search bar, bringing up all emails sent to you by that particular company. Select all, than click delete. You will have to repeat this a few more times but you’ll be freeing yourself from many unwanted headaches.


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.29.24 PM

2.) Create A Shopper Email

So you’ve cleared your email account out from everything that isn’t personal/business emails but how will you know when your favorite store is having a sale? I have three different email accounts, one for blogging business, another for personal emails, and finally my Shopper account for newsletters and sale alerts. It may seem like a bit much, this system allows me to organize quickly with out the risk of deleting or missing important emails. My Business and Personal accounts are connected directly to my phone while my Shoppers Account is accessed through my laptop maybe twice a week. By doing this I’m not swimming through a bunch of alerts and can maintain my emails easily. I would suggest all of your emails be routed to one site like Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo in order to  make switch accounts seamless.

Major Key to Email Success: When you have your Shoppers Account created make sure to LIMIT the amount of newsletters/stores you sign up for. Email Marketing is a great resource for businesses so you will most likely be swapped by promotions/sales/giveaways so to keep it simple. Subscribe to only your FAVORITE stores and websites so you won’t be overwhelmed in the long run.

3.) Keep A Cleansing Schedule

Now that you have deleted the junk in your business/personal accounts and your Shopper Email account is up and running you now left with the task of maintaining them. The best way to do this is by keeping a schedule. I came up with a simple mock schedule to give you an idea of how I maintain my own accounts. Come up with a system that works for you, add it to your calendar with alerts and you’ll be on top of everything coming through your accounts.

With a little bit of dedication and patience you will be able to put these steps into practice and get ahead of the email madness. Consider this your sharp axe to anxiety and breathe a little easier when we look at our phone screens. Good luck and make sure to tweet me your progress HERE.




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