16 Awesome Online Stores for Us Tall Girls

16-Online-Stores-of-tall-girls- (1).jpg

When I first started blogging looking for places that carried nothing to fit tall women was like going on a treasure hunt. Every time I would walk in a store I mentally prepared myself to dig through pants that fit me like high waters and risk the chance of falling in love with the perfect pair of shoes only to discover their largest size is a 10. My closet was a sad grave yard of legging, tee shirts, and a few too short dresses that if put in the dryer would never be worn again. Finally brands like Jcrew and Ann Taylor are starting answer the huge demand for clothing tall women expending their selection ever season. There has also been a wave of amazing business women creating shops and brands like TTYA and THE HEIGHT catering exclusively to women of above average height.

As excited as I am about the recent growth in Tall Retail we still have a long way to go before we can stroll into Targets Tall Section *Hint Hint TARGET*. Until that time comes I wanted to share some of my favorite brands who helping this tall woman stay stylish.

Check out my list below and please feel free to share your personal favorite via TWEET or comment section below!

  1. Long Tall Sally
  3. J. Crew  & J Crew Factory 
  4. Asos (Tall Section) 
  5. Marge Clothing 
  6. Jesse Queen 
  7. Height Goddess 
  8. Alloy 
  9. Amalli Talli 
  10. Talltique 
  11. Topshop (Tall Section)
  12. Old Navy (Tall Section)
  13. Gap (Tall Section) 
  14. Dorothy Perkins 
  15. Taller Than Your Average 
  16. Ann Taylor (Tall Section)





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shelly says:

    Where have u been all my life.

  2. Vee Garwood says:

    When there are others that understand your struggle, and go through the headache of buying trousers that look like you’re waiting for a flood.
    There’s also Boohoo, Missguided and New Look that have Tall sections on their website. I know the first two offer international shipping, not sure of the third. x

    1. thanks for the adds ill be sure to update the list! You’re Awesome

  3. This information is really amazing and informative .thanks a lot for sharing it.

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