Tall Girls Love Heels Too


I am a 6’1 FashionEater and I wear heels like i’m 5’2.*giggles* For years I have been gawked at because of my height and for a while I wasn’t brave enough to rock heels. I was ashamed of something that I should have been embracing all because of “what other people think”. With age comes growth and as I barrel my way towards 30 I could give a DAMN what anyone else feels about who I am. Why should I turn my back on a beautiful pair of shoes just because i don’t to make others “uncomfortable” ?

Let’s get to the cold hard truth… not everything looks good with flats. I have so many outfits that need a few inches added to the heel for the real WOW that only a good show can bring. Heels are sexy, powerful, and tall girls  look like supermodels when they slap on a pair so it’s important to get a few pair in rotation. Now the downfall of being a tall girl who loves heels is finding a pair that actually FITS. It’s a damn battle to go our in the field (aka shopping malls) for shoes over the size ten but I found a few that cater to us “SEXY BIG FOOT” women.

Scroll below to check out a few of my favorites and make sure to TWEET me (or comment below) with your favorite

Sole Society “Shayley” 


Jessica Simpson “Castana”  (Up to size 12)


Charles by Charles David (Up to size 13) 


Nine West “Tikkit” 


Topshop “Genie” (Up to 11.5)


Corse Como “Webster” 


BCBGeneration “Caliko”


J. Renee “Fizzle” Print 


Nine West “Tatiana”



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