Tips on Achieving A Great Wax



Spring has Sprung my loves and we are now emerging from our homes, packing away layers of clothes we we’re cocooned in all winter long. The sunlight is sticking around longer, birds are chipping *unfortunately at the a$$ crack of dawn*, and e’re finally witnessing the pleasant signs of flower buds. If you’re anything like me you have waited till the last minute to do squats and have skipped weeks of leg shaving consider this a judgment free SAFEPLACE…we are in this together. Since we are on the topic of “hibernation fur” lets talk about the beauty of the bikini wax. Over the years I have had every type of “hair down there” style you imagine. Full on bush. The Landing Strip. The nothing on top but something on the bottom. The bad shave. The trim. The “Just what shows”… EVERYTHING. After all the trails and HELLA errors I have come up with two conclusions:

I like a hair free zone.

Shaving is a No No for me

Its a personal choice how you maintain your vaginal hair but ever since I took the leap on taking it all off I’ve never looked back. You know how Olympic swimmers and runner get rid of all of their body hair to shave off seconds on their race time? Yeah. That’s how I feel when I’m bare down there.Like I’ve got the winning edge in life, LOL. Taking it all off means I don’t have to worry about swimwear prep, work out leggings tugging on my strays *YES GIRL THIS HAPPENS* and its been a plus for the bedroom.  *WINK*

Though I love being bare I refuse to go back to shaving. Besides the idea of taking a disposable razor to my lady parts, it constantly resulted in razor bumps and fast regrowth. I have tried shaving all types of ways and it always ends badly. After exhausting all of those shaving techniques I ventured into hair removal creams/gels. Though they technically worked I had a number of bad reactions to the chemicals, they ALL STINK, and I just didn’t like the idea of applying it so close to my important bits. All of this back and forth convinced me to try a professional wax. I knew It was going to hurt *YES IT HURTS* but  a few moments of pain is worth avoiding weeks of ingrown horror.

I googled. I asked my girlfriends for advice. I’ve called and canceled appointments out of fear, and by the grace of the beauty gawds I received a promotional flyer in the mail for a new chain of wax stores opening called “European Wax Center “. I took as a sign to get over my fear, and finally go through with it. They were offering a first time service promo and since I am sucker for a great deals I made my appointment, I put my prep research to use and gave it a try. That was close to three years ago and Ive been waxing ever since. With years of both good and bad experiences I have collected these helpful tips you can use  to make your waxing experience a great on with lasting results. So if you want to give it a try scroll down to read a few of my tips and I’ve even added a few product links to help you along the way.

Disclaimer: Ladies however you want to maintain your body hair is your choice and YOURS alone. Waxing is only a suggestion so whether you want to go full monty or keep her in a natural state your body is BEAUTIFUL in ever way!

Do your research.


You have to be careful where you get your waxes. You are trusting someone with a very sensitive part of your body and the last thing you want is to end up in a place that double dips or keeps a nasty establishment. Imagine walking into a back alley nail shop, where they plop you on a table using the same dirty wax they use for eyebrows and lips for your Brazilian?! A number of these places don’t have licensed technicians performing services so be very careful!

I have been going to European Wax since my first 3 years ago. Ive had the same wax tech till recently, but I found a new girl in the same location that I love just as much. They use a hard wax called Comfort Wax made exclusively from Paris for the company and use it for all of their hair removal services. European Wax keep a high standard for service and NEVER double dip so you won’t have to worry about the breeding of bacteria. They use an effective 4 step system  thats you can check out (here).  If you dont have one near you,  venture out to your local spas.. once again make sure to do DETAILED RESEARCH. 

The Post Period Performance


Schedule your wax after your monthly visitor has finally packed up and left. The skin tends to be more sensitive near the time of your period and waxing can be more painful. So going in for a wax when you are in the middle of PMSing could result in more a more painful experience than need be. Keep your wax appointment a week before or after your period is scheduled to drop so you can may take the edge off.

Bare It. 


The day of your appointment is not the time get product heavy. Your going to want your skin to breath so adding layers on will hinder your wax experience. Your skin should be bare..



Exfoliating is key when prepping for a wax appointment. Since we have already covered the need to stay light on additional products this is when an exploiting glove comes in handy. By exfoliating the skin a day or so before waxing will help the wax grab the hair instead of the skin cutting hand the pain. Make sure it is down lightly since you don’t want  to make the skin to sensitive before your appointment.  I linked three below that you can try:

  1. CleanLogic 
  2. Earth Therapeutics
  3. Body Benefits

Aleve to the Rescue


For those with a low tolerance of pain, taking an ibuprofen 20-30 minutes before your appointment will help manage the pain the kitty will be facing. By the time you are with your waxer the medication will help you manage the pain of removal. Make sure to take as directed and consult a doctor if you have any questions when taking any type of medication. `

 Comfort Level


Link to Pants Above HERE

Wear lose fitting clothing like leggings or a dress along with comfortable underwear. Light weight loose fitting clothing prevents any type of rubbing and will keep you comfortable after your wax. The objective immediately after a wax is always keeping away from any aggravation post your appoint me.  I grabbed a few options below for you to check out:

  1. Leggings
  2. Dress
  3. Maxi Dress 
  4. Maxi Skirt 

Bump Free Beauty


Post maintenance is very important in preventing nasty ingrown hairs surfacing. Besides exfoliating you  need to be sure to get a great serum to apply after showering. Serums tend to keep your regrowth in check especially if you have naturally curly hair.  Ive listed a few options that I like below:

  1. Bliss Ingrown Hair Pads 
  2. Shea Moisture Skin Elixir  (Personal Fav)
  3. Completely Bare 
  4. Malin+Goetz


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Because I, as well as many other females refer to their vaginas as cats, kittens, felines and I’m making it a fun project, since many are scared and unaware to take care of a wax in the area. If you did not like the post you were not forced to read and be rude. Sorry that YOU’RE embarrassed but my KITTY enjoys the post. Have a beautiful day my dear and thank you for the feed back. XOXO

  2. Loved the tips! I’ve gotten lazy with waxing so these are super helpful now that summer is on its way lol

    1. Im happy to help! Good waxing tips go a long why and these completely changed my experience! Enjoy.

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