My Festival Survival Kit


To know me is to know I am a sucker for the festival scene. I’ve been waiting all winter long for the weather to shift in our favor and for all of the line ups to be posted. I don’t consider myself a true veteran of the festival scene but I can say I’ve had my share of unforgettable experiences during time in the field, all ending up as great stories to share at dinner parties. Here are a few of my favorite stories:

  • My Phone Drowned At MADE
  • Bathroom Attended Stole My Phone
  • Find the Taco Truck
  • Fu$k No Toilet Tissue!
  • Took a 3 Hour Train Ride to Brooklyn
  • The Tail of the never ending Porter Potty Line

Sure I know some of my story titles sound horrifying but the experiences that surround them were well worth it and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. So if you’re ready to have hear good music, a cold beers and create amazing memories you have to come prepared. I made a simple list (with shopping links) to ensure a positive experience at your next outdoor function.


Festival Prep

  • Don’t wait to get your tickets. If its a line up you love nine times out of ten it will sell out and you’ll be trolling for a over priced resell.
  • If the venue requires you to print the tickets do it ASAP
  • Drink plenty of water before the event especially if it is a hot/sunny day out. Outdoor festivals demand hydration.
  • Be sure to check the weather so you can dress accordingly.
  • Being Fashionably Late will have you at the back of the line listening to your favorite artist from the other side of the gate. At the risk of sounding like a square BE THERE EARLY.
  • Grab a bite before you go in. It’ll help you avoid spending time and money at the food trucks and keep you near the stage.
  • Make a playlist to play during your pregame session with your friends and the ride there to get everybody energized!

Things To Bring 



  • Light Weight Blanket: (If its outdoors you can use this to sit on the ground to enjoy music, eat, use as a wrap if chilly and help cover you if it starts to rain)


  • Bottled Water (Many ventures will let you come in with unopened water which will prevent you from dropping 8 bucks on WATER and make sure you stay hydrated)


  • Baby Wipes (The porter potties will ALWAYS run out of tissue babe)



  • Ziplock bag (Put it over your phone if you dont want to spring for a case. If it rains and you’re in the middle of a field “BYE BYE PHONE)


  • Hair Ties (Just in case you want to get your hair out the way)


  • Bobby Pin (Keeps hair out of face + is an awesome clip for a Roach *ya welcome*)


  • CASH (Really easy for when you want to hit up vendors & food)


  • Poncho (As I said earlier make sure to check the weather but you never know. They sell purse size ones usually at your local CVS or Target.)



  • Mints (Beers, food, ad other elements tend to make your breath less than friendly. Pop a mint babe) 



  • Portable Charger (If your takin photos/vids & posting on your socials than you know your battery will suffer.)




  • Bandaids & aid wipes (I always manage to cut my finger or scrap my knee)


  • Tampons/Pads (I always bring one or too even if its not my time of the month because someone my be in need. Not all heroes where capes) 

Hope you enjoy your next festival guys! xoxo Bamz


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