This Funny Little Thing Called Blogging


So… If you have been following for a while you know that I have taken a few breaks here are there but this recent one has been the most intense. There was a huge shift in the blogging industry,  making me question everything I was doing and eventually I started to resent the process. Everything I wrote wasn’t good enough (to me), I wasn’t hearing back from brands I wanted to work with and my obsession with “Followers” dictated my ever move. I went to events hoping for motivation only to fell lost in a sea of people who barely talked to one another, but made sure every selfie with their “Blogging Besties” were perfect.

Every other day I would get an email alerts from bloggers I was following announcing the end of their blogs, the promises of revamps/rebranding, or noticing them abandoning it all  together. I was clear at that point I wasn’t the only on feeling the void grow and swallow them in. What was once a place of community had morphed in to a new found land where I felt lost in. So, I left left all the lights on, locked  the door and walked away from Tall Glass of Style (HERE).

In all honesty I tried to push past this feeling of giving up by drumming up a few post here or there but eventually I came to a brick wall. I needed time to shut everything out and find my footing again not only on the blog but life in general. I took the chance to figure out my shit and discover what I wanted for myself. Clearing out the clutter, digging through the bullshit and pulling my way back to a place where I could be creative again.

Coming back to blogging has required me to focus on self care and worth.  I know I will run into tough patches when none of this seem worth it and in those times I say a mantra to center myself.

“I’m here because I want to be here. My voice is strong. My creativity is ever growing. I am valuable. I am enough” 

I’m excited for the things coming and look forward to sharing this journey with all of you guys. If you have a similar journey where you had to take a break, restart, or any moment of self revaluation feel free to chat with me about here in the comments or tweet me boo!


-See ya next post loves





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  1. tallfashionadventures says:

    I definitely relate to some of what you wrote and have considered giving up blogging at various points myself! Blogging can definitely be emotional (and even feel competitive) at times. Good for you for doing some soul searching and re-centering. I much prefer an honest community of bloggers who are into genuine connection rather than a community that only cares about number of followers, likes on Instagram, making sure everything looks perfect all the time etc. I look forward to your upcoming posts! 🙂

    1. thank you so much for reading its been tough but your words of encouragement warm my heart! I always love your post and look forward for yours as well. 🦋

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