Fab Follow Friday: Melissa Holbrook


 If you’re anything like me you are constantly thirsty for inspiration, So I wanted to bring you guys weekly suggestions of creatives to follow, so you can get your life! I will be covering all outlets ranging from bloggers, designers, artist… YOU NAME IT! *Shirley Caesar Vocals*  First up to the plate for Fab Follow Fridays is Melissa of Melissa Wardrobe.

Creative: Melissa Holbrook-Akposoe

Title: Stylist.Blogger.Interior Decorator

Location: London, England

Website: www.melissawardrobe.com 

Socials: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube 

Make sure to check out all of the amazing visuals, beautiful OOTDS & style tips she is sharing with the world, and if you follow don’t forget to tell her that I sent ya! 
See you next post love,



5 Comments Add yours

  1. tatetiffany says:

    can I steal your wardrobe please, love every look..the bag in the last loooooovee

    1. hello love, this is not me. I am just featuring people that I thing would be awesome to follow on social media This is here website http://melissaswardrobe.com. ❤

      1. tatetiffany says:

        ahh okay she is definitely someone to follow will check out her site 🙂

  2. quinncove says:

    Gorgeous looks!!

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