Errands in Style


If you follow me on my social media pages you know that I went to Atlanta to visit my mom for her birthday (if you didn’t know than WTH are you waiting for child follow me LOL) .  I had a blast hanging out with her, my step father, grandpa and a whole group of my aunties. I went all the way off my “diet” didn’t workout once and love every single second of it. Spending time with the people I love is the key to me not having a complete melt down, and having my family around me feels like someone to a warm blanket and wrapped it around my heart.  I have a few other looks ill be posting all thanks to my mothers great photography skills & my iPhone.

My mother and I were on our way to grab food and do a few errands, and I wanted to keep my look simple. It was rather warm while I was down there so I got to break out my maxi dress, motor jacket, and finally rock my Kashmir.VII clutch (Christmas gift from my girl friend ki ). So the moral of this story is 1.) makes sure to make time for family & 2.) WTF are you following me on your socials LOL.

See ya next post,

Love Amber

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Get the look: Maxi Dress : Nike : Shades : Clutch : Jacket 

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