“First I Took An L, But Tonight I Bounced BacK”


I remember the first official NYFW show I ever attended like it was yesterday. At the time I was a first year student at my art school where they always had open slots for senior year students to come and watch the grad shows, and I was  determined to get in. My good friend B had the hook up and got us passes for the day of show, and I gladly skipped class that day because refused to miss the magic. I pulled out my best thrifted suit, made a purse out of a leather Ikea pillow case and bought my first pair of shades that cost over $5 (and baby that shit killed me since I was a broke girl paying for school & rent).

The next day I was on my way to the city, stuck at in back of the shuttle bus catching the shakes from all the excitement. Once I got there we were outside for hours walking backing and forth waiting for our particular show to start. We watched people taking photos of models off duty,and budding designers not big enough yet to make it to the runway all fluttering and buzzing around.  We got in early and were blessed enough to see not only our schools show but two other shows. We talked about it for hours, and I was set a blazed for days after having the experience I dreamed. Once my blog grew, invites began to trickle in and I no longer had to play Joanne the Scammer to get into shows.giphy

I enjoyed attending, meeting new people and really getting a first hand look at the production of putting on shows. (Here’s a throwback post of one of my looks) But it’s been a long time since my first ride at the fashion rodeo and now the entire game has changed. Shows are no longer housed under the same roof, many of them are live streamed, and a number designers have gotten rid of the runway completely, replacing it with an intimate presentation. During this time, I took a much needed break from attending NYFW and blogging in general so I could get my creativity back. (Heres a little break down on why I needed to step away from blogging.) 

This past weekend was my return to fashion week, and baby the tingles are back in full force. A few weeks ago I made sure to put an email blast out to brands and PR I’ve worked with in the past letting them know I was coming back to blogging and out of that I was able to score some invites. Of course there was a chance of me being left out completely,  but I trusted in the positivity I put out in the universe and Boom, I was back in the groove of things.

“Last night I took an L, But tonight I bounce back” -Big Sean 

I wanted to go to everything I was invited to, but life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. Regardless of a tight schedule I had the opportunity attend Romeo Hunte presentation. It was a breath of fresh air for me, so make sure to check out my review of the collection (HERE).  I  was focused on getting work done but I still wanted to look stylish because ITS FASHION WEEK DAMN IT.  I layered up with my long $6 thrift dress, Long Tall Sally scuba motor jacket, and Uniqlo denim. Since it was still a good amount of snow on the ground and I had plenty of walking to do I stuck with my Nine West loafers.

I went from an overwhelmed student going to the shows for the first time,  to leaving the game all together, and now I’m back starting from the ground up again. It feels good. I feel grounded. I feel…*Dramatic Pause* like I got this. So if you’re in a situation where you have to start over put faith in that reset button baby cause I promise you are not alone.

Get The Look: Jacket (Similar) | Shoes (Similar) | Glasses (Similar)| Denim

See ya next post loves,


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