Just Do What You Got To Do Boo



Last week the homie Shaka and I had a bit of running around to do, it also ended up being an impromptu photo shoot in front of Ikea. I needed a clothing rack to get all the items I will be selling on Depop together, he needed some house plants, and the light was just too damn good to pass up. I use to search high and low for the perfect place to shoot, some unicorn of a colorful wall tucked away for us to snap photos against. Now when we find time to shoot we pull together a few ideas and just go for it. I like my outfit, we shoot, its honestly that simple. Over analyzing everything would leave me with out content, and the anxiety of it all was honestly overrated.

Shaka is an amazing photographer, honestly the man can make me look good no matter whats going on in the back ground. When he isn’t around I leave it up to my boyfriend and our iPhones to do the work (Like Here or Here). If all else fails ill just track  down a stranger, throw them my phone, & send a prayer to the universe they can get a few good photos. Don’t stress yourself out on getting the camera you can’t afford, or worry about the perfect backdrop (Hell a lot of my earlier post were taken in my back or front yard like Here & Here).  Just go for it and see how shit turns out.

Here are the details of my look:

Thrift Coat (Similar Here) | Jeans | Top | Sneakers (Similar Here)| Hat (Similar Here) 

Bandana (or local dollar store) | Demin Shirt (Similar Here) 

img_1190 img_1188 img_1184 img_1193 img_1192 img_1189 img_1187 img_1186 img_1185

(Affiliated links are used in this post)

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