Roses in Harlem


This weekend was a good weekend. I sat across from the man I love, as we talked about life and ate ramen from our favorite spot in Harlem. It was unseasonably warm but I forced myself to enjoy it ( honey, this global warming mess is REAL), I got my hair done earlier this weekend and even wore pants that are long enough to cuff. Yeah… This weekend was pretty GOTDAMN good.

Both of our weeks had been hectic, but nothing else but noodles and the space between us matter. After having one too many sakes, and emptying out ramen bowls we stopped to buy flowers, walked by the water and soaked in the sun. It was perfect. It was us.

When you find someone that you can share a space with, talk about your goals and openly share your emotions  you have found something special. I don’t share much about my relationship only because I’m greedy with the ones I love and the internet can be a scary place (LOL) but this post is to the man I love. The man that makes me laugh and the man I can leave the bathroom door open with so we can finish our conversation about the universe or the asshole that stole our parking space. You are a blessing to my life.

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