The TGOS Round Up


I made a full month of consistent blogging, so consider this post as me tooting my now horn. I had gone a significant amount of months nothing posting a GOTDAMN thing and pulling back and forth with myself about deactivating the entire thing. I made a much needed mental break to make sure my creative juices got back to the levels needed to keep this sucker going and even after my first post went live I knew there was a chance that the END ALL button was going to get pressed, but look at this… Im still here.

In celebration I decided to add a monthly round up of all my post to make sure you guys haven’t missed any thing!

(Don’t forget to check out my Depop Page )

My first post back was a little tough to write only because I had to show a bit of weakness and keep it funky with you guys. Im an Aquarius and sharing is very hard for me so to let the world know that I wanted to give up was a bit out of character for me, but sharing was therapeutic.

Woop Woop… Pullover That Sweater is Too Fab


My follow up post gave a little more detail on why I needed to have a break in the first place, so check out out.

This Funny Little Thing Called Blogging


I updated my series on black people who have major impact on the fashion industry and deserved to be highlighted in honor of Black History Month. I wanted to add a lot more content in the series but time got away from me but I promise that I will spread the post throughout the here because hell we are black and beautiful all damn year.


I started another series in my first month back. “Fab Friday Follow” was inspired by all of the cool creative that I stumble across on my IG feed or Twitter and I want to give them an additional platform for all of TGOS readers to get to know them. Designers, fellow bloggers, musicians….. the works!

Melissa Holbrook 


Tasha James 


It felt good to start creating OOTD post again. I put on a few pounds but Ive been enjoying my happy weight and I know I wont be letting go of the things I love to eat anytime soon so the adjustment of my new sizes has given me a great excuse to get rid of clothes (Check out my Depop page here).

Ice Cream In the Trap

Errands In Style 


First I Took An L But Tonight I Bounced Back 


A Woman of Comfort 


Poor Calvins & Rich Love 


Just Do What You Got To Do Love


Roses In Harlem 


I did a few product reviews too!

Love, Beatrice Vegan Suede Collection 

Romeo Hunte RTW 2017


Alterre Shoes RW17 “That 70’s Shoes


My First Fierce Influencer VoxBox


Last but not least a popping ass playlist!



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