The Beauty of Being Laced & Luxe


In a sea of overnight online shops and the crashing weight of under serviced department stores  there is a  significant disconnection between a retailers and a customers shopping experience. Too many times I have walked into a store and left feeling like just another transaction or effort to make todays sale goal, but Laced N Luxe has arrived to change the game. I had the pleasure of getting an exclusive sneak peek of owners Tiffany & Brittany’s Laced N Luxe Woodland Park location before their grand opening this Saturday and I was instantly transported to a VIP experience.

A striking blend of black, and cream walls with gold accents, jeweled encrusted garment racks, and gilded hardware I felt like their top priority client. Every element of their layout spoke to their brand, and brought a better understanding of how well their individual styles flawlessly meshed.  I got a chance to sit with these two empowering women who went from co-workers to now business partners, so I could learn more about their personal journey and what motivated them to to bring Laced N Luxe to life.

Brittany ran a successful exclusive online boutique for four years while attending school, and has recently received her Masters Degree in Business from William Paterson University. With a passion for fashion, her background  in education, and also a license in cosmetology she is a true renaissance woman.

Brittany of Laced N Luxe
Tiffany is the proud mother of three boys, and started her journey as a fashion design student eventually venturing into education where she met her present day business parter (Brittany). They developed a bound over common interest in the fashion industry, and over their years of friendship decided to take the leap of faith in developing Laced N Luxe.

“Laced N Luxe, the name its self is an embodiment of both of our styles. We’re both lux, were both laced at all time n something fashionable and that’s how those two words came about” -Tiffany

Laced N Luxed
Tiffany of Laced N Luxe
It’s clear both Tiffany and Brittany passionately encourage others to believe in the power they possess in changing their destinies when venturing in roles of entrepreneurship.

“Don’t think twice. Don’t think about it because if you do, you are going to rethink yourself and you’re going to stop yourself, and find every reason why you shouldn’t do it. Everything in life is a lesson even if you “so call” fail. Failure is progression and is a lesson on what not to do next time. So…. if you have a dream chase it.” – Tiffany

“Be persistent and fearless. Maintain your passion because there will be days where you feel like you are not being as productive as you once were or not seeing the results you want fast enough. So do whatever you have to do to keep your cup full. Whatever that means to you….. do what you have to do to fuel yourself to keep going.” -Brittany


The Laced N Lux woman is someone one that wants to transition from the office to a night on the in style. “A career woman by day and a fly girl by night. A woman that knows what she wants” Consider Laced n Luxe as your embassy of affordable luxurious style, catering to all of your wardrobe needs. Their goal is to provide an experience of personalized customer service. A one stop shop, where you are provided a number of services including personal styling, advice on overall wardrobe decisions, and even appointment-only time slots for Sundays allowing intimate one on one services and exclusive events.

Makes sure you pay a visit this Saturday (March 4th) for their Grand Opening 11am-8pm to get the first hand experience of Laced N Luxe and attend their official ribbon cutting ceremony at 12:30pm. There is going to see live music, refreshments, “Luxe” swag bags and giveaways so don’t miss out!

Location: 958 McBride Ave, Woodland Park 07424


Make sure to follow them on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for all of their following in store events & new arrivals.


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