Blazing Back to Thrift

As a tall woman (6’1) finding clothes growing up was hard as f*uck. Nothing fit my length, or my shape, and it was never in my budget to spend a ton of money on my clothes. My mother showed me the world of thrifting  and by the time I got to college I had found my groove in the world of second hand clothes. I found clever was to make mens clothes work in my favor, let out hems, and stay on a small budget for quality clothing. My thrift hand grew to be so heavy I was able to have my own pop up shop and online store “FashionEaters”, but eventually I couldn’t balance the timed pressures it took to run my own business so I had to put my store dreams on PAUSE (wink).

Around the time I closed up shop, I started to stray away from thrifting. More stores started to cater to curvy tall girls like me, such as Long Tall Sally, Talltique and brands started to providing tall options like ASOS & Express. So, I started to sneak around on my beloved thrifting, ending up neglecting it all together.  As I mentioned a few post ago (HERE) I’ve evolved my style and been purging loved pieces (SHOP THEM HERE).  Every item I pull from my closet brings back memories of where I first found the piece and all of the events i’ve been to in it.

(Here is my love letter to thrifting I wrote a few years ago) 

Since I’m returning to my thrifting roots I pulled this bad boy from the back of my closet. I got the blazer from a local vintage shop and its tailored to perfection. I kept my outfit simple to let the blazer do all the work and I felt like the dopest chick in the city wearing it.  I wore a white button down (HERE), my wide leg Long Tall Sally jeans, ankle boots and boom I’m fresh A.F. (lol). I look forward to bringing you guys all my future thrift finds and if you’re in the trip-state area feel free to  drop your favorite stores to visit in the comments below or tweet me! (@tallglassofstyL) 

Photos by ShakaZulu Photography  

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