The Missing Dress


We all have heard of a shipping nightmare story, where someone is drowning in anxiety over their precious cargo getting to them in time. For years, I’ve had nothing but luck coming home to timely packages on my doorstep. I simply take for granted all of the times a perfect pair of shoes or hair products arrived right on time. Maybe it was karma… Maybe this was just my turn to suffer the pain of standard shipping, either way I now wear the battle scars of “THE MISSING DRESS”.

My cousin was getting married at a vineyard in Atlanta, small intimidate and literally the wedding of the year. Her engagement photos had went viral months before and as one of my dearest cousins I defiantly didn’t want to show up looking like I threw something together all willy nilly. (I also was working on a budget so planning was unavoidable). As a taller woman I hit all of the sites catering to my needs but nothing spoke to me until I ran across this number on ASOS. (Below) Sleek, black, a bit of leg and ONLY $24 bucks. I almost tripped over myself clicking the order button. Little did I know I was also adding anxiety disappointment and letdown to my cart along with it.


The expected arrival date came and went and at this point things were looking funny in the light. Asos has no US contact information via phone. I only could communicate with them directly via twitter DM (which I find to be very unprofessional but..OK) I let them know about the issues I faced and they kept reassuring me my package would arrive in time. This back and fourth went on for another couple of days until I contacted UPS myself only to have them say THEY NEVER RECEIVED MY PACKAGE. Eventually I was issued a refund for the dress that no longer existed and was left on my own… dress-less.

When the hour was darkest (Literally maybe three days before the wedding) My boyfriends mother sent me to Lord & Taylor and within five minutes of entering the doors I spotted the dress that would save everything. I heard Beyonce singing from the heavens as I floated over to my new found love hanging alone on the sales rack. I slipped her over my head and everything melted onto my body. We had found each other. The dress looked at me… I looked at her… and we knew… at that moment… A bad bitch would be mad.

I don’t know much about destiny but this damn sure is close to what I would have labeled this experience as. I thought I was going be wearing a dress from ASOS but instead got to witness pure love in a Calvin Klein gown (which my man loved by the way WINK-A-WINK-WINK). I felt beautiful in my dress and learned that I have to plan even earlier in the game than I once thought if i don’t want to be at the mercy of a fashion induced anxiety attack ever again.

The Dress



  Check out all of the beautiful photos from the wedding below! xoxo -Bamz


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  1. Renee says:

    Love this! I read every word! lol Very well written and the pics are gorgeous!

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