New York & Company X Gabrielle Union Collection

Hey guys. Its me sneaking back into your lives like I never left. Lets just consider this little time apart needed breathing room :). I have transitioned from my crappy warehouse gig to a super comfortable office space. This gives me a better window for blogging (HOLY FU&K I MISSED IT). I have a few new things to report and cover so make sure you check back soon.

For now lets talk bout the slay Gabrielle Union put on her collection with NY&C. It was a major leap for me to transition from wearing leggings in a musty warehouse to office attire, so I was starting with literally no wardrobe. I wasn’t aware of the collection before walking in, and I’m so excited to see how large the selection is! I got two pairs of wide leg, high wait pants and they fit me perfectly. I’m HELLA tall (6’1) and a thick thigh’d mama, so I did my best not to cartwheel out the store.

You may still find a few of this particular pair in store but they are currently sold out online. Here are two other options that you might love.

Blush Paperbag Waist 

PaperBag Waist Pant 


Talk to you guys soon… XOXO

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