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As a tall woman (standing 6’1) I have learned to embrace what makes me unique, to promote positivity and encourage others to see beauty in what makes them stand out. I have always struggled to find clothing that fits my body and became the running joke to my childhood peers with my “high water” pants. I could have crawled under a rock with all the pressure and judgment I received for being different, but with support of my family and love of style, I decided to rise above the negativity of others and embrace what makes me…ME!

I Devour all things culturally stimulating, stylishly innovative, and am a hardcore advocate in self-love and appreciation. I believe we all have a mission in life to express our experiences like a loving hand extended to guide others in our journey to discover who we strive to be.

Through fashion, life experiences, and viewing life’s glass as half full…

I have decided to drink it all in Fashion Culture is more than just pretty fabric and fleeting trends. It is an ever-evolving expression of oneself. It touches and influences global movements, expresses personalities, and keeps the economic world spinning.



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