Bamz Does Beauty: ACV Clay Hair Mask

I have been struggling with defining my curls for the past few weeks, looking for products to enhance my natural texture only to end up disappointed. I am a “warrior of moisture” meaning I make sure I make sure my scalp and hair shaft is properly hydrated by sticking to weekly DC treatments, adding light…

Summer’s Pushing Up Daisys

  Ok… these aren’t daisies on my dress but isn’t it a super cute play on words?… *clears throat* Well as summer reluctantly bows out and Fall creeps back into our lives I spent my weekend watching “The Wedding Planner”, hitting the park with my puppies, and much needed brunch dates with women I love….

Tall Rebellion (TTYA X LongTallSally)

It’s an amazing day to be a style loving amazon! One of my favorite shops Long Tall Sally catering to the taller woman frame has released their collaboration collection with TTYA (Taller Than Your Average) and it is simply… AMAZING .

When In Doubt… Suit it Out.. My NYFW Look

    From up town, to downtown. From Uber rides, to dripping sweat waiting for the 1 train, I braved the unforgiving humidity and heat to capture the magic of NYFW. Unable to attend day one of this long awaited celebration of fashion and knowing the rest of my week is promised to my new…

The Wild Animal.. With Scissors

  I’ve been transiting my perm to natural for about a year now and the struggle has been real. It’s been a different journey compared to my last natural adventage (read about it here) but this time my impatience got the best of me.

She Got it Goin’ On : Lindsay of

I had the chance to interview Fashion Illustrator and style maven Lindsay a few weeks back after seeing her amazing work on my IG page. Since then, I have been stalking her beautiful artwork & fallen in love with her amazing personal style. This woman is not only a proud FashionEating Delta, but is an…

Primary Elements

  I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral colors lately and I thought it would be a treat to have a punch of color so I made a bold statement with a Primary Color pallet.

A Mother Load of Love

Mothers near and far were celebrated by their children today, showered in praises for givingĀ us love stronger than anything imaginable. I woke up sending out many text, calls and emails to all of the beautiful mothers I know including my own all the way down in Atlanta, GA. After sending out my praises and running…

My Sunday FUNday Fix : OOTD

Yesterday was the perfect day to explore the city with my best friend Inky. We took a long stroll through SoHo visiting street vendors, lux shops, and art galleries. I always leave with tingles, ready to throw my life in moving boxes and live in a chic city brownstone . It’s a perfect day dream…